Can we dare? The culotte

The culotte skirt on catwalks

This season again, brands have not hesitated to put this controversial piece on the forefront of catwalks, halfway between the short oversize trouser and the long bermuda. A stylistic bias that is audacious but radical and that has a tendency to leave up sceptical or even recalcitrant. Let’s be honest, we’ve seen more flattering than the culotte skirt – so let’s keep it for women who are not only tall and relatively thin, but also gifted with a carefully studied style.

Indeed, not anyone and everyone can wear these short trousers as they please. Apart from contemporary fashionistas, we can think of Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly or Jean Schrimpton: all these women who had the gift of wearing the culotte skirt with pride and without looking costumed. And yet their grace held only on a few details, such as heels for example.

Heels: Whether they be high or low, stiletto or wedges, they are the sine qua none condition to wear a culotte skirt, as they lengthen the silhouette and sublimate our gate. You can also opt for mid-height ankle boots, that will erase any fears for those with calf confidence issues by creating a visual continuity between the shoes and the trousers. Because as a general matter, the problem with the culotte skirt is mostly a question of proportions.

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If pairing a culotte skirt with a big jumper or a big sweatshirt can be a perilous move, a long tailored jacket, a loose shirt or a crop top will definitely make the outfit more convincing. Still not decided? Have a look at these street style looks right here, you won’t regret it.


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