The bralette as outer wear: Yes or No?

Stylistic UFO, the bralette has made its place in the fashion world despite controversies. Let’s decrypt this net-born phenomenon.

In a long list of fashion absurdities that populate the fascinating world of trends, the bralette one has managed to particularly catch our attention. Apart from its somewhat weird name (is it really a mini-bra?), this more-overwear-than-tiny-underwear item brings some serious stylistic questionning.

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Composed of very thin straps and lace triangles, the bralette is more of a delicate brassiere on first look, reserved to intimacy, than a lace top that you’d easily wear on a warm summer day. Yet it’s the second choice that audacious supporters of this ersatz of a garment seem to have taken – at least from what we can see on the countless Instagram posts popping up on the famous it-girl friendly social media.

Adored by the Kendall, Gigi & co that wear it casually as you would a cotton t-shirt, the bralette has started to bud on the backs of flowering pre-teens, those who wear a size 4 and a half and are cold-proof in all circumstances. Worn under a perfecto jacket or a bomber, the bralette on millenials is usually paired with a pair of high-waist jeans slightly destroyed and some Stan Smith with some fishnet anklesocks. A rather tasteful combination that kind of reminds us of our own teenage outfits, when we only believed in asymetrical crop tops, Air Max, or our dear lycra trousers.


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Thing is, the bralette, apart from its slightly Jersey Shore-ish look, has a sexy potential that it would be a shame not to exploit, even just a bit. Lingerie trend says, you can let yourself be tempted by the mix & match version by layering said lingerie item over a simple cotton t-shirt, nice and straight and well tailored. Other option, slip it on under a large collared top to make the lace details poke out surreptitiously, so as to give a good dose of feminity with an urban touch. The bravest will dare showing it under a cheerfully unbuttoned shirt, decorated with thin golden necklaces.

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