What shoes to wear with a maxi skirt?

It’s been hiding away in the back of your wardrobe all winter, but good news, you can finally pop your maxi skirt out again – the warmer days are a-comin’ ! How do you wear a maxi skirt? How do you choose one if you don’t have one already? What shoes do you wear with it? We have all the answers for you!

If there’s one item we’re delighted to dig out for this spring and summer, it’s the maxi skirt! Convenient, light and comfortable, it’s the ideal item to free your legs without catching a leg flu (you know what we mean).


Sporty, folk, romantic… There’s a maxi skirt for all tastes and all styles. That said, unlike its cousin the maxi dress, the maxi skirt can be a bit difficult to wear: pick a number that’s too funky or an unflattering fit, and you look more like a clumsy flamenco dancer than a fashion-forward Insta-star. To make sure you avoid the faux pas, here are a few hacks to remember. We’ve also picked out a few pieces from the current sales on Brandalley, just because we have a BrandAlley Discount Code! Make sure to use it to make the most of your shopping when you apply the following tips and tricks…


The maxi skirt: Do’s & Don’t

Avoid oversized tops: seen as your silhouette is quite hidden under belt height, no need to add a layer on top! Best choose an adjusted top such as a vest, a t-shirt or a little light blouse. Ideally, highlight your waist with a belt or scarf to create some curves! Avoid: tops with batwing sleeves or loose jumpers that’ll make you look like tent material.

A crop top on a high-waist skirt is a great way to highlight your waist while subtly flashing a tiny bit of skin. Midnight Multi Nordica Crop Top, Lucas Hugh on Brandalley

Choose the right length: as its name says, the maxi skirt is… long! It’s ok if it falls a bit on the ground: that’s always nicer than a skirt that’s too short and stops mid-calf (a whole other fit!). And if you really don’t want to be sweeping the floor, you can always count on a pair of wedges to cheat a bit!

Yellow Debi Abstract Pattern Maxi Skirt
Yellow Debi Abstract Pattern Maxi Skirt, Issa on Brandalley

Prefer simple fits: rustles? Too fortune teller. Embroidery flowers? You could end up looking like a thrift shop on feet. The denim maxi skirt? So 2001. So have a look at solid coloured skirts, mullet cuts (longer in the back – acceptable on a skirt, not on a hairdo, we agree) or transparent skirts, stylish and sensual without being too much.

Silver Space Chiffon Skirt
Silver Space Chiffon Skirt, Amanda Wakeley on Brandalley

Now that you understand the maxi skirt, you’ll have to find the right pair of shoes! Put away your ballet pumps that pack the silhouette and your cowboy boots: here are four styles that go perfectly with the maxi skirt!

Sporty chic in trainers

What better way to break the “girly” side of the maxi skirt than to add a nice pair of trainers? Stan Smiths, slip-ons, Air Force, canvas shoes…


If you are a big fan of trainers, rejoice: low-rise trainers go wonderfully with the maxi skirt, whether it be a jersey sporty skirt or a super feminine veil skirt! Does it get any cooler than this? Didn’t think so.

Women's Blue Canvas Era Low Top Lace Up
Women’s Blue Canvas Era Low Top Lace Up, Vans on Brandalley

Classy in heels

For an ultra classy look, you can always count on stiletto heels and heeled sandals, on the condition that the skirt be formal as well: slanted, printed, fluid… it just has to be coherent. Four inch stilettos with a grey jersey tube skirt just looks weird.

Botanic Print Maxi Skirt
Botanic Print Maxi Skirt, Super Trash on Brandalley
Platinum Ice Emily 100 Sandals
Platinum Ice Emily 100 Sandals, Jimmy Choo on Brandalley

For a look that’s a bit more folk, you can count on wedge sandals or clogs (yes) that will bring you straight back to the hippie era! Icing on the cupcake: you discreetly win a few inches of leg, which is great if Mother Nature didn’t bother giving you Taylor Swift’s legs (don’t get excited, we didn’t get them either).



Folk in boots

A maxi skirt with boots, yes it is possible, and it’s even rather pretty! Ideal for the in-between season when it’s not exactly warm enough to pop out the tank top and sandals, the skirt + boots combo gives a lovely look, halfway between stylish cowgirl and late night festival goer. Add a knitted jumper – not too long – or a leather jacket and bam!


Casual in sandals

Finally the best of the best is still a good ol’ pair of flat sandals! Mules, gladiators, strappy… Open shoes always work with maxi skirt.

Tan Suede Leather Glatior Sandals
Tan Suede Leather Gladiator Sandals, Stuart Weitzman on Brandalley

Craving a folk look? Get your fringed sandals out. Rock? Black mules or studded sandals will do! Romantic? All hail pastel pink and straps that go around the ankle.


You are now a master in the art of the maxi skirt: All you need to do now is experiment with new items and new looks for this summer… And enjoy the sunshine!

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