What shoes to wear with a pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is more than ever on trend this spring-summer! In its short or long version, solid or metallic coloured, it has already been adopted by all the fashionistas on the planet. Get your pretty shoes out: here are our favourite pleated skirt + seasonal shoes combos!

After the maxi skirt and the tube skirt, make way for the other star skirt of the spring-summer season… the pleated skirt! Long or short, it’s just everywhere on Pinterest boards and catwalks, and has been so for a few seasons now! Solid, lamé, fluid, rigid, with glitter, pastel coloured… You can find it in all colours, all fits and all fabrics.

Well let’s give it that much: the pleated skirt is crazy pretty with its little folds. For the mid-season when it’s not yet warm enough to pop out the short shorts, the slightly longer pleated skirt is perfect, with heels or trainers! Looking for inspiration to wear your pleated skirt? Don’t you worry: Here are four outfit ideas to master this highly fashionable piece.

Dark Blue Check Pleated Midi Skirt, Karen Millen

With trainers

Nothing new here: We’ve known for a while that long skirt + trainers works wonderfully! With a pleated skirt, same thing: pick a fluid skirt that hits mid-calf in order to show the ankles, and add some pretty trainers like some Vans or New Balance with colours that match the skirt.

A little top or a light jumper en top, a pretty cross-shoulder bag to accessorise and bam, job done! We love the combo gold skirt + converse; For a total colour look, don’t forget to vary the textures!


With heels

For the chic version of the pleated skirt, you can draw your nicest pair of pumps or heeled sandals! For this look, we recommend choosing a skirt that hits just below the knee so as to give a bit of height to your silhouette.

Pretty sandals with minimalist heels or pointed pumps on your feet and a skirt + sleeveless shirt combo will totally do the job! Also look at Olivia Palermo, great priestess of the pleated skirt!


With slip-ons

Shout-out to fans of low trainers, the slip-on + pleated skirt duo works wonderfully! Lighter than trainers, more casual that ballet pumps, slip-ons are the right compromise to feel like you’re in slippers all day long, with the streetwear touch as an added bonus.

A loose t-shirt, a fluid skirt and a nice pair of slip-ons and tadaa, job done! We’re telling you, sometimes it reaaly doesn’t take much!


With sandals

A shoe that’ll go with pleated skirts even better this summer, is the sandal! Flat or with heels, open or closed, it is perfect to air out your feet with style.

With sandals, wear short skirts just as well as long skirts, as you feel. That said, if you are short, we would recommend a mid-calf skirt that flattens less than a long skirt.


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