What shoes to wear with a pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is more than ever on trend this spring-summer! In its short or long version, solid or metallic coloured, it has already been adopted by all the fashionistas on the planet. Get your pretty shoes out: here are our favourite pleated skirt + seasonal shoes combos!

After the maxi skirt and the tube skirt, make way for the other star skirt of the spring-summer season… the pleated skirt! Long or short, it’s just everywhere on Pinterest boards and catwalks, and has been so for a few seasons now! Solid, lamé, fluid, rigid, with glitter, pastel coloured… You can find it in all colours, all fits and all fabrics.

Well let’s give it that much: the pleated skirt is crazy pretty with its little folds. For the mid-season when it’s not yet warm enough to pop out the short shorts, the slightly longer pleated skirt is perfect, with heels or trainers! Looking for inspiration to wear your pleated skirt? Don’t you worry: Here are four outfit ideas to master this highly fashionable piece.

Dark Blue Check Pleated Midi Skirt, Karen Millen

With trainers

Nothing new here: We’ve known for a while that long skirt + trainers works wonderfully! With a pleated skirt, same thing: pick a fluid skirt that hits mid-calf in order to show the ankles, and add some pretty trainers like some Vans or New Balance with colours that match the skirt.

A little top or a light jumper en top, a pretty cross-shoulder bag to accessorise and bam, job done! We love the combo gold skirt + converse; For a total colour look, don’t forget to vary the textures!


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Can we dare? The culotte

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The bralette as outer wear: Yes or No?

Stylistic UFO, the bralette has made its place in the fashion world despite controversies. Let’s decrypt this net-born phenomenon.

In a long list of fashion absurdities that populate the fascinating world of trends, the bralette one has managed to particularly catch our attention. Apart from its somewhat weird name (is it really a mini-bra?), this more-overwear-than-tiny-underwear item brings some serious stylistic questionning.

Image result for street style bralette

Composed of very thin straps and lace triangles, the bralette is more of a delicate brassiere on first look, reserved to intimacy, than a lace top that you’d easily wear on a warm summer day. Yet it’s the second choice that audacious supporters of this ersatz of a garment seem to have taken – at least from what we can see on the countless Instagram posts popping up on the famous it-girl friendly social media.


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The right shoes for a tube skirt

With warmer days finally around the corner, tube skirts are re-immerging in our dressings! short or long, solid or printed, they are a good timeless basic that goes with everything. But here’s the thing: what do you wear with such a skirt? Don’t go anywhere, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need.

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What shoes to wear with a maxi skirt?

It’s been hiding away in the back of your wardrobe all winter, but good news, you can finally pop your maxi skirt out again – the warmer days are a-comin’ ! How do you wear a maxi skirt? How do you choose one if you don’t have one already? What shoes do you wear with it? We have all the answers for you!

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